Swiss made
pleasant foot climate
cushioning in the heel area
perfect pressure distribution

This air-cushion technology has it all

The unique air-cushion sole developed by kybun encloses millions of air bubbles. These provide elastic, springy step cushioning and a noticeably airy foot climate.

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Say goodbye to your back pain

Say goodbye to your back pain

try before you buy

kybun Trial Shoes

Order a pair of kybun trial shoes for two weeks and experience the unique walk-on-air feeling. The purpose of trial shoes is to allow you to experience the unique feel and great advantages of a kybun shoe before buying.

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Swiss Made Shoes

High-tech shoes from our own production in Switzerland and Italy. The kybun shoe production site in Sennwald (Switzerland) is at the heart of kybun shoe production, a landmark success to Swiss Manufacturers and a testimony to pioneering ambition, innovation and automation.

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  • Finally pain-free

    kybun offers a true gift of health in form of innovative solutions for people with musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Unique technology

    The unique air-cushion technology developed by kybun encloses millions of air bubbles. These provides elastic, springy cushioning.

  • Swiss shoe factory

    We are proud of our flagship kybun factory in Sennwald. Here we produce the majority of our premium Swiss shoes.

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