Possible initial reactions of kybun newcomers

Everyone reacts differently to the unique air-cushion sole feeling. 9 out of 10 people can immediately wear the kybun shoe all day and enjoy the feeling and its benefits. 1 in 10 can experience "initial reactions". It is not possible to predict exactly how the shoe will work and how quickly results will be achieved, as the body is "restructured" by wearing kybun shoes.


Important information for first-time kybun users

The kybun shoe trains the stabilising muscles of the joints, especially those in the feet and knees.

The slow gear ➀

Walking in normal shoes on flat floors is easy on the body instead of challenging it. It weakens it instead of training it. Muscles shorten and lose their sensorimotor abilities, etc. Joints are misloaded. The whole system becomes susceptible to overuse injuries.

The natural walk ➁

Walking barefoot on uneven natural ground, e.g. in sand, trains the entire musculoskeletal system with every step in terms of strength, coordination, sensorimotor skills, endurance, stretching, etc. Joints are protected, muscles, ligaments and tendons become healthier and more resilient.

How kybun helps ➂

When wearing kybun shoes, the gait changes from gentle to natural. In 90% of cases, this happens without any problems. In 10% of cases, overload reactions may occur in the short term, as immobile joints, weak muscles, ligaments or tendons require more time to adapt.

The kybun products and how they help your body


Standing on kybun mats

The kybun mat stimulates the body to make constant, small movements to maintain balance and posture. The rebound effect causes the muscles to tense and relax at the same time, which trains your feet, legs and body.


Walking in kybun shoes

The air honeycomb structure of the kybun sole forms an air cushion between the foot and the ground. The resilient, springy trampoline sole allows the foot to feel every subtlety of the ground, which revitalises the health-promoting foot receptors.


Elastic, springy sole

Allows the foot maximum freedom of movement in all directions. The PU material allows the foot to bounce back like a trampoline. This elasticity ensures a high coordinative training effect and helps to balance posture.


kybun | Joya seat cushion

The elastic, springy buffer zone of the kybun Joya seat cushion activates the sitting posture. The rebound effect causes the gluteal muscles to tense and relax alternately. Ideal for sitting when standing is not possible.

An initial reaction is generally not negative, as it shows that the kybun shoe is challenging the musculoskeletal system and at the same time exposes weak points in the body, or coordination and muscular deficits. If you need help, we will be happy to assist you.

If complaints occur after a certain time or at intervals, this is probably not due to general initial reactions.

You can find more information in our guide

The kybun knee programme

The kybun knee programme is a great way to start the day and counteract the strengthening of the body.

Experience for yourself how simple everyday exercises can quickly and effectively help to reduce your knee pain. Start now with the first session from the 8-part programme.

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