Say goodbye to plantar fasciitis

Say goodbye to plantar fasciitis

Kate Malone MBE has a spring in her step thanks to the elastic springy Swiss air-cushion kybun shoe.

Most workplaces don't provide us with the best tools or conditions to do our work and pottery is no exception. High levels of enthusiasm and energy come naturally to Kate, but she is only human, and the physical demands are often relentless. When people stand for long periods in the same position they can develop a protective stance which overloads the pressure on the feet and in particular the heel. This contributes to common complaints such as plantar fasciitis.

Kate Malone spends pretty much the whole day on her feet so when she started experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis she needed a quick and pragmatic solution.

The discovery of kybun has proved the perfect match, relieving her pain and strengthening the core muscles in the feet to give her more energy for those long days. Standing strong again with kybun, Kate is happy to spread the word and help other people suffering from similar ailments.

«The relief from plantar fasciitis is good. I worry I’ll never be able to go back to all my other shoes but kybun shoes have already changed my life for the better.»

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