The shock-absorbing kybun shoe

The shock-absorbing kybun shoe


A long day standing and walking on concrete floors with a few stairs thrown in for good measure.
For Dave Alex Riddett (award-winning Cinematographer), this was his routine day at work. The severe leg pain that he suffered, is sadly an all too familiar story but fortunately the kybun shoe has provided a solution. The unique air-cushion properties of the kybun sole help Dave's feet absorb the impact on hard unforgiving floors and as a result, he has been able to relieve his pain.

Dave considers the kybun shoe an investment in his health and now has a collection of shoes to fit every occasion, from on-set filming to walking down the Red Carpet.

«The stylish kybun Chiasso brogue (centre) at the Oscars.» 

Dave Alex Riddett is the Senior Director of Photography behind the legendary Chicken Run animation films and is responsible for producing the much-loved Wallace & Gromit film series and adaptations.
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