kybun Sit-Stand Workstation Pro

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Sitting continuously during work causes adverse side effects and health problems. Apple's CEO Tim Cook recently described sitting as «the new cancer». At Apple, every employee has a standing desk and the company is convinced that this has an impact on employee performance. With kybun's new solution, you can take the next step towards a healthy and pain-free daily life. Adjusting and changing the table height is supported by an air compressed spring and is child's play. With a single movement, the kybun Sit-Stand Workstation Pro moves gracefully into position and adapts to your 8-hour workday in an instant. Combined with kybun's elastic springy mat, this package gives you the comprehensive support you need.


  • Air pressure spring: creates a smooth and fast transition
  • Eco-Friendly Particle Board: features heavy-duty and moisture resistance
  • Infinitely variable height settings: for free height adjustment
  • Upgraded keyboard tray: provides comfort for your wrists

Material: Plastic, particle board & melamine, steel
Color: black
Dimensions : 800x615x110~505mm (31.5""x24.2""x4.3""~19.9"")
Work surface (length x width): 800x400mm (31.5""x15.7"")
Table top thickness: 16mm (0.63 "")
Height range: 150 ~ 500mm (5.9 ""~ 19.7"")
Height adjustment: Manual
Load capacity work surface: 15kg
Load capacity keyboard board: 2kg
Installation: Table stand
Power plug included: Not required
Magnetic: No
Lithium battery: Not needed

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