Healthy socks designed for happy feet

Healthy socks designed for happy feet

A short history of socks tells us that they are one of the oldest and essential items of clothing and were unsurprisingly created to provide warmth and protection from the elements, long before the concept of trousers or t-shirts. 

The first examples of socks date back 1000s of years and are evident in cave drawings, made from animal leather or hair taped around the feet. Even Karl Müller III took inspiration from the sock (see illustration right) when he was experimenting with his first kybun prototypes.

Early kybun shoe prototype

Despite the usefulness of socks, they often get a bad press consistently hitting the top 10 list of unwanted gifts at Christmas. However love them or loathe them, they were once considered a class symbol for the upper classes and over time their popularity has boomed. Nowadays socks are accessible to everyone and with the advances and diversity of materials available, their function has grown extensively to cover many health issues.

The kybun Joya range of socks includes three types of high-tech and health-enhancing socks, specially developed to help people with diabetes, blood circulation problems and fall prevention.

kybun sock collection

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