Does your work include pain relief & exercise?

Does your work include pain relief & exercise?

A job with the benefits of pain relief and healthy exercise is a reality at kybun and we believe we have the easiest solution to integrate into your working or daily life without any additional time or effort.

For self-employed painters, Cliff and Jackie Robinson who spend the lion's share of their lives up and down ladders or on their feet, the kybun shoe has given them all this and more. Like most of us, they put their aches and pains down to age and excess but when Jackie succumbed to persistent plantar fasciitis pain in 2018, she was unable to work for long spells and this had an immediate effect on both their lives.

«The kybun shoes have put a new spring in Cliff's step and Jackie is grateful for the added comfort and support which have aided her recovery.» 

Medication, therapy and custom insoles gave her some relief but no long-lasting solution. When they started wearing the kybun shoe, it proved a life-changer for both of them. Jackie received the quick relief she needed from her heel pain and Cliff felt like he had a renewed lease of life.

4 years later and Cliff is on his fourth pair of kybun shoes. Jackie has put her plantar fasciitis troubles behind her and although her recovery suffered a further setback when she broke her foot in 2021, she has now made a full recovery. Her latest pair of kybun winter boots have sped up her rehabilitation and the good news is that Cliff and Jackie are back working together again.

How the kybun shoe increases your performance:

  1. Protects and stimulates your feet
  2. Alleviates aches and pains
  3. Improves your mental and physical well-being

Cliff's shoe Jackie's shoe
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