The kybun elastic springy seat cushion

Exercise your glutes

The symptoms of back pain can manifest themselves in a multitude of aches, stabbing or shooting sensations. The impact on our lives is irrespective, causing disability and the loss of countless working hours, so it is wise to be proactive wherever possible.

The glutes are a group of 3 muscles which make up the gluteal region otherwise known as the buttocks. Their main function is the extension, abduction and rotation of body parts and they play a major role in maintaining a straight upright posture, protecting you from knee, hip, and lower-back injuries.

«The sedentary lives we adopt can leave our glutes tight and inactive, triggering a chain reaction of discomfort.» 

The springy-elastic material of the kybun therapeutic sitting cushion offers you another viable and sustainable solution to help train your glutes and provides a constant rebound effect even during long hours of sitting. It is a cost-effective alternative to investing in a new stool, which transforms any old chair or stool and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Additional benefits of the kybun cushion:

  1. Releases adhesions of the back fasciae
  2. Trains the pelvic floor muscles
  3. Relaxes pelvic muscle blockages

kybun sitting cushion
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