Knee exercises for everyone

Knee exercises for everyone

Karl Müller, the man who revolutionised the shoe industry has developed a set of simple exercises which can help you quickly and sustainably relieve your knee pain.

Karl is a graduate of the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. This is where his passion for kinesiology started and developed into a lifelong fascination with the studies of human movement.

He has crucial ligament damage and the meniscus around his knee is severely damaged. However, his fascia network where the acute pain receptors of the body react to restricted movement is extremely elastic and well lubricated. Although the bones at his knee joint basically rub together he is convinced that regularly exercising the fascia network enables him to continue a normal daily life. See exactly how this works for yourself - without the need for regular medication or surgery!

Our tip:
The kybun knee programme is designed to suit everybody. It consists of 8 different exercises which you can do in your own time and within your comfort zone. Start with the first exercise, introduction, and work your way gradually through the whole programme.

See the full set of exercises in the kybun knee programme
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