Sit less and stand more

Sit less and stand more

Whilst standing may seem like the obvious answer, standing at work can prove a lot harder than you think.

This is because when you stand your muscles have to bear the whole weight of your body. This exposes the weak points and puts added pressure on your body but in a positive way.

The kybun mat helps you to distribute this extra pressure more evenly and provides support with its elastic springy attributes. This allows you to do continuous light exercise and at the same time train the muscles and parts of the body which are being required to work harder.

Standing in Scandinavian countries is commonplace and in Denmark, employers are under obligation to provide all workers with a standing workspace. A recent BBC study goes so far as to suggest that more standing can reduce tiredness and improve productivity.

Read the full report in this BBC health article.


kybun mats for standing at work and home
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