Every step you take

Every step you take

A successful Japanese marketing campaign back in the 1960's first suggested a target of 10'000 steps each day. This promoted a step counter called manpo-kei (10,000-step meter) that exploited the massive popularity of the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

A slightly optimistic number even for Japanese standards and with little or no scientific evidence to back it up. Most health studies today agree that a more appropriate target for the average healthy person should be around 7'000 steps per day or comparable healthy activity. This equates to approximately 3 miles a day but any target should be based on factors such as age, gender and physique. Take a realistic approach and concentrate on the quality of exercise you are getting.

The right tools for the right job

If you walk or achieve less exercise than this then you are most likely not getting enough of the recommended daily amount to avoid weight gain, bone loss and similar health issues. Additionally, you are most likely sitting and inactive for long periods which in itself puts your health more at risk.

Nobody goes jogging in their slippers yet many of us think little of spending hours on end in shoes that are uncomfortable and painful to walk in just because they fit a certain style or outfit.

Every single step you take is easier and healthier in a kybun shoe. To give this some perspective the average person can walk between one and two million steps per year. A staggering work rate that should not be overlooked, especially when we are choosing footwear.

The kybun shoe is the healthy tool for every standing and walking situation and is probably the easiest and singularly best investment you will ever make for the well-being of your feet.

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