kybun — the healthy alternative to orthopedic insoles

Addressing the root causes of discomfort with kybun shoes

The majority of symptoms originate from a weakened (foot) musculature and the foot's restricted freedom of movement. Flat and hard floors as well as orthopedic insoles restrict the activity of the muscles and inhibit active rolling of the feet. As a result, the equilibrium of the body is impaired and pain is a direct consequence. The role of the elastic, springy kybun shoes is to simulate a natural floor base directly under the feet. This allows the feet to actively roll again and this stimulates the whole body. At the same time, the deep foot musculature is trained by the increased activity on the elastic springy sole.

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If you experience initial reactions when you first start wearing the kybun shoe, we recommend alternating between wearing the kybun shoe without insoles and standard shoes with your usual insoles. You should be continuously extending the periods of time you wear the kybun shoe as long as your body does not protest.
Within six months, eight out of ten customers no longer need insoles in their kybun shoes or their standard shoes.

The Swiss health concept with kybun products

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Sitting less

Sit less, and stand more vibrantly. Releases tension, activates blood and lymph circulation and reduces pressure on the sole of the foot.

Foot Pressure

Avoid overloading

The comparison on the foot pressure measurement plate: more even pressure distribution in the kybun shoe (below) compared to the conventional shoe.


Healthy exercise

kybun relieves tension through walking. In addition, blood and lymph circulation are activated and the pressure on the sole of the foot is more evenly distributed and therefore reduced.

Accident victim can walk again

The benefits and effectiveness of kybun

  • Due to the wide elastic upper material, there are no punctual pressure points on the hallux valgus with the kybun Vals and Leuk models

  • Natural feeling of freedom for the toes (Bunion friendly)

  • Relief of the painful area due to a much larger contact surface of the foot

  • Reducing the progression of the deformity by strengthening the foot muscles

  • Increased blood circulation to the painful area and thus accelerated healing of an acutely inflamed hallux valgus

kybun shoe replaces insole

Bullseye — Peter Wild is delighted

The new kybun sole not only relieves his pain, but also provides him with a general sense of well-being. He is so excited about this that he shared his joy with kybun inventor Karl Müller via e-mail. Müller promptly invited his customer to the kybun World in Sennwald, Switzerland, where he spoke with Wild about his experience. Müller found out that Wild has been a devoted kybun fan since 2010. He currently owns 35 pairs of kybun shoes.

Back pain eradicated

Philipp Scheuble, the mayor of a Swiss municipality has been suffering from back pain for years.

His back felt painful whenever he stood for more than ten minutes. His doctor had recommended orthopedic insoles. The local politician was reluctant to wear orthopedic insoles, so he tried a pair of kybun air-cushion shoes. Lo and behold, his back pain soon ceased to be a problem. As well as being glad that his pain has now gone, Philipp Scheuble is also amazed at the effect these Swiss shoes had.

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