Can kybun relieve hallux pain?

Heel spurs

Hallux valgus and hammer toes are among the most common foot problems

Targeted training can relieve pain and make surgery unnecessary.

A "Hallux valgus", often referred to as "Hallux or Bunions", describes the progressive malpositioning of the big toe metatarsophalangeal joint. Over the years, this deformity becomes an optical flaw and can eventually lead to pain and problems finding suitable shoes. Possible causes for a "Hallux valgus" can be genetic factors but often unhealthy footwear is is the cause, constricting the toes and forcing them into an unnatural position. Thanks to kybun these negative effects can be counteracted and often the need for an operation can be prevented.

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Tips for use

Some people may struggle with the unstable nature of the kybun shoe at the start. In this case, we advise you to try different kybun shoe models, for example, higher-cut models give more stability. In addition, we suggest that these customers try kybun shoes with a weaker trampoline effect, which are slightly wider in the midfoot area and give more assurance when walking (ask your kybun specialist in-store for advice).

The Swiss health concept with kybun products

kybun mats

Sitting less

Sit less, and stand more vibrantly. Releases tension, activates blood and lymph circulation and reduces pressure on the sole of the foot.

Foot Pressure

Avoid overloading

The comparison on the foot pressure measurement plate: more even pressure distribution in the kybun shoe (below) compared to the conventional shoe.


Healthy exercise

kybun relieves tension through walking. In addition, blood and lymph circulation are activated and the pressure on the sole of the foot is more evenly distributed and therefore reduced.

Free your feet from hallux pain

The benefits and effectiveness of kybun

  • Due to the wide elastic upper material, there are no punctual pressure points on the hallux valgus with the kybun Vals and Leuk models

  • Natural feeling of freedom for the toes (Bunion friendly)

  • Relief of the painful area due to a much larger contact surface of the foot

  • Reducing the progression of the deformity by strengthening the foot muscles

  • Increased blood circulation to the painful area and thus accelerated healing of an acutely inflamed hallux valgus

Pain-free thanks to footwear

Arthrosis pain has been miraculously eliminated

Remo Pedron suffered from severe pain in his toes. The reason: osteoarthritis. He tried various ways to get rid of this condition. However, nothing really helped, until, by chance, he became aware of the kybun shoe. While shopping in a drugstore, the pensioner was waiting for his wife and this was when the air-cushion shoes on display aroused his interest. When he tried them, it was immediately clear to him that the elastic, springy sole could help him in everyday life. Today, he no longer feels the arthritis pain in his toe joint. He credits this miracle to the special footwear. Remo Pedron rarely needs any medication when walking. He strengthens his body with daily walks in the kybun shoe in the fresh air.

No more hallux complaints

Lussia Zäch suffered from hallux pain and worn lumbar vertebrae for years.

A short walk became a torture. Nevertheless, she did not want to have an operation. Since she lives near the kybun headquarters, the development of the kybun shoe aroused her interest. When she tried an air-cushion shoe for the first time, she was immediately enthusiastic. Thanks to the elastic, springy sole, Lussia Zäch feels comfortable on any surface, whether gravel, asphalt or at home on slab floors. The hallux and back pain have gone and walking is a pleasure again.

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