Back pain? The number one public health problem

Prolonged sitting, walking and standing on hard surfaces, puts uneven strain on the muscles and spine.

Over time, underused muscles become weaker and shorten. Muscles that are overexerted on one side react with tension. Neck, hip and back pain are the consequences and ultimately affect the overall posture. Back therapies focus on muscle training, reduction of tension, immobilisation or even surgery. kybun follows a philosophy of fighting the root causes.

Walking and standing in everyday life on elastic and springy material releases tension, stimulates movement and strengthens the entire body musculature with every step, without exercises and without taking up your time. It is also extremely comfortable.

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Maintain an upright body posture, do not make your steps too long and keep your gaze forward (do not look at the ground). You should walk straight on the kybun shoe sole and correct any lateral/medial rolling of the ankle joint.

The Swiss health concept with kybun products

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Sitting less

Sit less, and stand more vibrantly. Releases tension, activates blood and lymph circulation and reduces pressure on the sole of the foot.

Foot Pressure

Avoid overloading

The comparison on the foot pressure measurement plate: more even pressure distribution in the kybun shoe (below) compared to the conventional shoe.


Healthy exercise

kybun relieves tension through walking. In addition, blood and lymph circulation are activated and the pressure on the sole of the foot is more evenly distributed and therefore reduced.

Are you tired after work?

The benefits and effectiveness of kybun

  • Improves posture while walking and standing

  • Prevents poor posture, e.g. pelvic slouching

  • Compensates for muscular imbalances

  • Strengthens the trunk musculature

  • Protects the intervertebral discs by optimizing pressure distribution

  • Prevents tension and releases muscular blockages

  • Stabilizes the entire musculoskeletal system

Is nutrition more important than exercise?

The latest health trend

New superfoods appear on the market almost daily, which are supposed to make us much healthier. But is that enough and much more important than daily exercise?

Back pain eradicated

Philipp Scheuble, the mayor of a Swiss municipality has been suffering from back pain for years.

His back felt painful whenever he stood for more than ten minutes. His doctor had recommended orthopedic insoles. The local politician was reluctant to wear orthopedic insoles, so he tried a pair of kybun air-cushion shoes. Lo and behold, his back pain soon ceased to be a problem. As well as being glad that his pain has now gone, Philipp Scheuble is also amazed at the effect these Swiss shoes had.

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