Natural gait despite stiffened ankle joints

Active Walking

The solution: kybun shoes

Surgical fusion of the ankle joint (ankle arthrodesis) is performed to relieve pain caused by painful wear and tear of the joint surfaces (osteoarthritis pain) or irreparable damage due to injury or infection.

The stiffening of an ankle joint prevents the foot from rolling naturally and inevitably leads to an unphysiological gait pattern. We can perceive this as a more or less pronounced limp. Without external aids, such a gait leads to accelerated wear and tear of other joints such as the knee or hip in the long term.

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In many cases, the kybun shoe fully counterbalances the stiffening

The elastic, springy material between the stiffened ankle joint and the flat floor acts as a joint replacement, as it allows the heel to sink into the kybun material when walking. The trampoline effect then ensures that the foot can roll almost exactly as it could with the ankle joint intact.

What makes kybun stand out?

Cushioning in the heel area
Perfect pressure distribution
Washable cover
Tireless PU material
Trampoline effect

Quality of life regained

«The doctors told me that I wouldn't be able to walk after all the operations»

The prognosis was devastating for Rosalba Jäggi, but she never gave up, and with the personal engagement of kybun inventor Karl Müller, she actually managed to change her life and get back to enjoying it again.

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