Walk away from pain with the kybun shoe

Active Walking

The Swiss air-cushion shoe

The kybun shoe relaxes, boosts your fitness and is easy on the joints. The kybun sole forms an air cushion between the foot and the ground, with air being pumped into the foot area with every step. This ensures a pleasant shoe climate and allows the foot to feel every detail of the ground.

The foot receptors are gently stimulated step by step. The elastic, springy air-cushion provides optimum cushioning and strengthens the foot.

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kybun provides a unique sense of well-being when walking and standing. It's like no other shoe.

You will be thrilled by every kybun step you take.

Cushioning in the heel area
Non-slip sole profile

What makes kybun stand out?

What makes kybun shoes unique is the heel cushioning, the elastic springy sole, and the slip resistant sole profile.

kybun shoes
kybun shoes
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Perfect pressure distribution

The kybun shoes distribute the body's pressure evenly on the feet, without creating pressure points.


Every step counts

Every step we take is important for healthy movement, training muscles and maintaining good posture.

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